Ear plugs…Travellingfriend

“Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.” ―  Ludwig van Beethoven “Silence is a gift. Learn to value its essence.”

An earplug is for protect the user’s ears from loud noises or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust or excessive wind especially travelers

Concert musicians

Concert earplugs are very close in design to earplugs for musicians; once again clarity is key with the best earplugs for concerts. Musicians ought to be ready to concentrate on the various layers of instrumentation. The best earplugs for musicians will provide less hearing protection than other types of earplugs, often only around 12db of protection. This is much to low for many activities, but works great in the 90-100 db range. They will still take advantage of the filtering technology that goes into the musician’s earplugs, letting a small amount of sound through to lower the sound level rather than blocking it outright.

Flight ear protection

Earplugs are also available which help to protect ears from the pain caused by airplane cabin pressure changes. Some products contain a porous ceramic insert which reportedly aids equalization of air pressure between the middle and outer ear thereby preventing pain during landings and take-offs. Some airlines distribute regular foam earplugs as part of their amenity kits for passengers to aid their comfort during landings and takeoffs as well as to reduce exposure to the aircraft’s noise during the flight. These can help passengers get to sleep during the flight if desired.

Protection from water

Swimming earplugs aren’t designed to keep sound out, they are designed to keep water out in order to prevent swimmer’s ear especially during swimming and water sports . Swimmers ear is caused when water does not fully drain from the ear and results in irritation or an infection. It can be extremely painful and prevention is key. . This type of earplug may be made of wax or silicone which is custom-fitted to the ear canal by the wearer for water seal.

Hunters and shooters

Electronic earplugs are a superior selection for any scenario within which you wish hearing protection AND situational awareness (the ability to listen to what is going on around you, crucial once exploitation firearms or operating around significant machinery!).


The world’s best earplugs for sleeping are those that give you an outstanding level of comfort, as well as enough protection to drown out the ambient noise around you.


The best earplugs for snoring are those that provide a high level of NRR to block out as much of the sound as possible, while still being reasonably comfortable. The worlds best earplugs for snoring are the ones that block out that wild ox braying next to you, while still giving you enough comfort to be able to sleep.

Today was a good day. Tonight will be a good night! with best wishes…

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